Dr Stock Presents at PloCC

Dr Kristin Stock and Johanna Richardson delivered a presentation titled “Sense of Place in New Zealand: Favourite Places, Attractive Places and Cultural Perspectives of Place” at the Places of Climate Change (PloCC) research forum organized by Bangor University.

Under this topic they presented about what people’s favourite places are, what activities people engage in while at their favourite places, and how favourite places were found in New Zealand. They also presented the results of their online survey revealing people’s favourite places by location, region, activity, who they were with, what the place looked like, their thoughts, memories, and stories. Discussions on several other projects relating to place in New Zealand were included in the presentation. One of which was the use of content extracted from social media (Flickr) to evaluate attractiveness of locations around New Zealand; notions of cultural place-meaning among New Zealand Māori using text extraction and the ways which Māori place-names reveal sense of place across the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

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