Nov 15, 2022
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM (NZT)

Habitat fragmentation, biodiversity loss and infectious diseaseemergence risk

Dr Muylaert will discuss current research at
MEpilab. Be prepared to hear about bats,
maps, stats, and some viruses !

Habitat fragmentation, biodiversity loss and infectious disease emergence risk

As the threat of wildfire increases, it is
imperative to enhance the understanding of
household evacuation behaviour to effectively
plan urban areas and manage wildfire
disaster events. This presentation will provide
an overview of the latest studies carried
out by Dr Lovreglio and team using
questionnaire studies and GPS data to
improve our understanding on wildfire

Dr. Renatta de Lara Muylaert

Massey University Molecular
Epidemiology and Public HealthLaboratory (MEpilab)

Dr Ruggiero Lovreglio

Associate Professor in Building
Technology and Rutherford Discovery