Courses and Curriculum

Geospatial Science Courses and Curriculum at Massey University

Massey University offers courses in geospatial sciences/geoinformatics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, across campuses and colleges through internal and distance learning modes. We offer courses from multiple university departments meeting the needs of students with a variety of disciplinary interests and backgrounds. At the postgraduate level, we offer a postgraduate diploma in geospatial science and opportunities for pursuing a MA or MSc with a geospatial science focus.

Undergraduate courses:

233.214 GIS and Spatial Statistics (15 credits)

233.314 Remote Sensing and Earth Observation (15 credits)

145.202 Working with Geographic Data (15 credits)

145.300 Cartography and Data Visualisation (15 credits)

Undergraduate courses with a geospatial component:

145.213 Resource Conservation and Sustainability (15 credits)

Postgraduate courses:

145.739 GIS Principles and Applications (30 credits)

145.740 GIS Programming and Practice (30 credits)

233.712 Environmental Geographic Information Systems (15 credits)

233.713 Environmental Remote Sensing (15 credits)

158.740 Location Systems:  Spatial Databases, Tools and Applications (15 credits)

158.741 Location Data:  Mapping, Analysis and Visualisation (15 credits)