MBIE Funding Success: BioWhere

Collaboratory members Dr Kristin Stock (PI) and Prof Jon Procter have been successful in winning NZ$1 million in MBIE Smart Ideas funding for the project BioWhere: Developing Methods to Georeference New Zealand’s Biota from Text. The project will develop automated methods to georeference textual descriptions from biological collections, and will develop a self-learning gazetteer containing rich data about Māori place names. Other team members include Associate Professor Hone Morris, also from Massey; Prof Chris Jones from Cardiff University, Drs Aaron Wilton, David Medyckyj-Scott and Fraser Morgan from Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research and Mr John Wieczorek of Rauthiflor LLC. Other collaborating organisations include Te Papa Tongarewa and WAIK Herbarium in NZ and Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum and the National Museum of Wales in the UK.

Read a little bit more about the project here, and look out for the project web site, coming soon!

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