Digital Twin Foundations

Workshop Name: Digital Twin Foundations

Digital Twin initiatives are driving an increased focus on how geospatial theory, methods and practice can support large complex interdisciplinary programs.  Behind the easy to navigate digital twin interfaces there are complex data governance, standards and technology challenges that are still being solved.

This workshop will provide an introduction to Digital Twins, explore the variety of perspectives on Digital Twin, and uncover challenges and research opportunities.

Workshop Organizers:

Kate Williams, FrontierSI Chief Business Officer:

A certified spatial professional and leader, Kate has extensive experience in data and analytics across the data management, utilities, natural resource management, transport, and digital sectors. Kate is well known in the spatial industry for her involvement in the private sector and government, and her current role working at a not-for-profit. A Geomatic Engineering and Arts graduate from Melbourne University and joint recipient of the Women’s Leadership award in the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards (2019), Kate has recently supported a range of digital twin projects with government and research partners.

Dr Kat Salm, HG Digital Solutions Manager and FrontierSI NZ BD Manager:

Dr Kat Salm is an experienced senior geospatial consultant who shares her time between NZ Business Development for FrontierSI, and leading Digital Solutions at Harrison Grierson (HG). Kat’s experience spans geospatial advisory and capability development across government, industry, and academia. Kat has a PhD from the University of Canterbury, and a passion for understanding and connecting how new digital, data, and geospatial developments can help address future challenges. Kat contributes to the wider spatial industry through her involvement as President of Survey + Spatial NZ, and was a recipient of the Women’s Leadership Award in the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award (2018) and the award for Outstanding Achievement in Design at the NAWIC Excellence Awards 2021.