Community Seismic Network and Earthquake Early Warning Webinar by Professor Monica Kohler

At this webinar on 10:00 AM on 7th of October, Research Professor Monica Kohler from California Institute of Technology will talk about her vision and project development on Community Seismic Network and Earthquake Early Warning. Her project is about a low-cost dense seismic network.  Please see the attached flyer for more details. When: 7th OctoberContinue reading “Community Seismic Network and Earthquake Early Warning Webinar by Professor Monica Kohler”

GIScience Conference Online 27-30 September

The GIScience conference is being held online this year, so is easy to join from New Zealand. Registration is 100 euros, or 40 euros for students. Click here for more info. Collaboratory staff have a full paper in the conference, entitled Automated Georeferencing of Antarctic Species. Authors: Jamie Scott, Kristin Stock, Fraser Morgan, Brandon WhiteheadContinue reading “GIScience Conference Online 27-30 September”

MBIE Funding Success: BioWhere

Collaboratory members Dr Kristin Stock (PI) and Prof Jon Procter have been successful in winning NZ$1 million in MBIE Smart Ideas funding for the project BioWhere: Developing Methods to Georeference New Zealand’s Biota from Text. The project will develop automated methods to georeference textual descriptions from biological collections, and will develop a self-learning gazetteer containingContinue reading “MBIE Funding Success: BioWhere”