SciDataCon 2022 Call for Sessions

The deadline for the SciDataCon Call for Sessions proposals is 23:59 UTC on February 14, 2022.

SciDataCon 2022 is a part of the International Data Week 2022, which will be held both virtually and in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The main conference will take place on 20-23 June 2022. Colocated, hybrid and virtual events will take place both before and after these dates. 

The overarching theme of International Data Week and SciDataCon 2022 is Data to Improve our World. In our post-pandemic future, humanity has an opportunity and obligation to address major challenges, including climate change, sustainable development, and disaster risk reduction. The digital revolution and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the methods and practices of Open Science, and of FAIR data and services, give humanity the tools to do so. Embracing these possibilities requires engagement with society, rigorous research methods, and good practice in data science and data stewardship. The theme Data to Improve our World explores the nexus of these issues.

Proposing a SciDataCon Session

Please take into account the following considerations when preparing your proposal for a SciDataCon 2022 session:

  • Sessions will be 90 minutes in duration.
  • Session proposals should explicitly address one or more of the conference themes outlined above in the Call for Sessions
  • Session proposals should clearly describe the format and ‘type’ of the session as seen in the Call for Sessions
  • The proposed session structure should allow sufficient time for interaction and discussion with participants and audience.

Your proposal should:

  • Explain the significance of the issues to be tackled in the session.
  • Provide a clear description of the approach, structure, format, and suggested agenda for the session.
  • Provide as much information as possible about proposed speakers and the subject of their papers, or state clearly that it is an open session, actively soliciting presentations (i.e., that the purpose of the session proposal is to address an important topic and create a space on the programme to which papers on this topic may be submitted).
  • Be no shorter than 300 words and no longer than 900 words.

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