Call for Papers: Special Issue on GeoAI


Researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Geography have been developing various points of contact in the past, with many possibilities of mutual benefit in the future. Recently, subsymbolic AI methods, such as Deep Learning, have increased the quality and scalability of data processing methods in remote sensing, geographic information retrieval,  natural language processing (NLP) and geospatial modeling, among others. Furthermore, there is a tradition of using symbolic AI approaches to raise the quality and scalability of methods by linking, e.g., Geography with agent-based simulation (ABM),  spatial cognitive reasoning with Robotics, as well as Geography with the Knowledge Graphs (KG) in the Semantic Web. At the same time, geographic information has become an indispensable resource in itself, needed not only for adding spatial intelligence to machines, and for making opaque models transparent, but also for understanding what kind of intelligence is needed to refer to place and to handle space. Understood in this broader sense, geoAI has the potential of fundamentally improving the way geographic information can be processed and interpreted by both humans and machines. 

This Special Issue of the German Journal of Artificial Intelligence will investigate the kind of knowledge needed to account for Geography and space with(in) intelligent machines.

More details can be found here.

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