AI and the Future of Environmental Science: 1 hour workshop

This interesting event is being run by the TAIAO Project, University of Waikato.

Join this online event to find out more about the work underway to enable the next level of data science to provide robust and fit-for-purpose tools and methods that are accessible and useful to researchers and practitioners across all areas of the New Zealand environment. We will launch the TAIAO Community Platform, present a number of data science tools from the platform and show you how to join and collaborate, including sharing datasets, as part of a member of this growing community.

Event Details

10am – 11am, Wednesday 24 November (NZ Time – GMT+13)


Data are essential to research, understand, set policy for and manage New Zealand’s environment, but environmental data presents many challenges that require new data science methods to overcome them, and a substantial increase in the capability of environmental researchers, governors and managers to use data science in their work. The TAIAO (Time-Evolving Data Science / Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Open Environmental Science) Community Platform is a place for data scientists, environmental scientists and practitioners to share environmental datasets and data science tools and methods to produce valuable insights about our environment enabling greater codesign with iwi, industry and government, to ensure through pertinent environmental case studies that we maximise benefit, uptake and suitability.

With internationally recognised and connected researchers and harnessing the passion of local environmental science experts New Zealand has a unique opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence to preserve our famously beautiful lakes, rivers, forests, estuaries and mountains for future generations. Bringing the two disciplines together will also enable the next generation of New Zealanders to play a stronger and more useful role in solving the critical environmental problems that face our country.

Click here for programme and to register (free).

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